Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it's been a while

it feels like it, at least.  looking at the date i suppose it's only been about two weeks since i lasted posted.  feels like a million years ago.  at any rate, although i wanted this space to be all about thoughtful analysis and commentary, i guess it's really a place for me to vent.  because there's no thoughtful analysis and commentary from me until i get all the other stuff off my chest.

i suppose what's happened during the past two weeks is that the reality of this situation has hit me.  and as much as i say that it's not that bad compared to what a lot of people have to go through, it still is pretty crumby.  

really, it is a major bummer to know that i am going to be separated from my husband for the indefinite future.  so, apologies in advance for the pity party, and you may want to stop reading now.  here goes:

i really, really miss him.   when i think about the fact that the very minimum he will be gone for is a year and a half, even if i can go to mexico to visit every once in a while, a six or seven day trip really isn't that much.   especially when i know he's going through all this crazy culture shock, anger, depression, general desperation and what have you, and that's kind of hard to cope with when i'm going through all this crazy anger, depression, general desperation and what have you.  

i know, we should have been more prepared.  but.


i'm taking this class on healthcare policy and economics, and during the lecture on tuesday the professor posed a question along the lines of the following:
  • think of a policy that has a measurable benefit to a group of individuals, but does not cost another group of individuals as a result.
so, here are my thoughts:

who would it hurt if my husband were allowed to adjust his status in country without having to go through this circus of proving extreme hardship (as people in his situation were able to do until april 2001)?  who would it cost?

who would it hurt if the dream act were passed?  who would it cost?


  1. I am sorry you guys have to go through this while you are away from each other. Forced separation from my loved ones is one of my biggest fears.

    Some practical ideas:
    Maybe you guys could have video chats, will he have access to a computer or to one of those places where he can rent one for a few hours?

    Another thing that I know I miss when I am away is familiar sounds, maybe you could send him a CD with sounds from your neighborhood? Or a video about new things going on there?

    That's all I could think of, nothing can substitute being together.

    I have also thought about immigration reform in terms of costs and it really does not take anything away from anyone.

    Stay strong!

  2. I hope and pray for you. This crazy circus of our current immigration policy must be reformed.