Tuesday, January 6, 2009


every so often something makes me crazy.  something gets under my skin and activates all my dormant anger-bots until i've got an anger-bot riot on my hands.

i try to distract myself, i try all the little tricks i have to calm down and to not let them get to me.  but those little anger-bots are nasty fellows (check john martz's drawing out to get a sense of what i'm dealing with here).  and sometimes i've just got to give them the attention they so desperately need.

i usually don't know what to tell them because they're right.  there's everything to be angry about.  and it is urgent to do something about it.  but, damn them, i'm back at square one because i don't know what they want me to do about it all!!  (and this is where despair generally sets in).  i can spend all day on www.change.org clicking on issues i care about, i can send emails to my elected officials (although i'm really down for the count these days in terms of elected officials), i can volunteer at a myriad of places, i can encourage people to get politically active, i can recycle, i can give away old coats to the coat drive, i can do my job which at some point in the distant future should eventually lead to something good happening for someone, somewhere...  yes, yes, yes.  i know change takes time, and this is not a perfect world, and there are no easy answers.  i know i know i know.   but.   

go check out elle, phd's blog.  she's got a fannie lou hamer quote and a million other things that you should read.  peace.

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  1. Oy, the angerbots! Punching pillows helps my angerbots sometimes.

    Yes, the votes got reset to zero and the voting ends on Jan. 15th. Now non-profits can endorse ideas too.